Are you tired of the conventional classroom format?
Would you like to benefit from a 1-1 professional approach ?
Do you want to learn at your own pace and improve faster?
Do you need to improve your fluency and to able to communicate efficiently?
Do you need to improve your pronunciation with a native teacher?
I offer private French lessons, adapted to your needs, interests and learning style. You’ll learn French as it is spoken in France, not like in textbooks. I specialised in teaching adults from 18 years old at an intermediate level minimum (A2). Any doubt about your level, just book your free assessment today!
In 2 years, my French improved from borderline DELF A2 to DELF B2. I am now using French for client-facing work. Julie genuinely cares about the improvement of her student’s french skills and she also makes the lesson fun!
Working for an international organisation in Korea
Best French lessons ever! I went from A2 to B1 and successfully passed the DELF with flying colours. The lessons were really interesting and used materials tailored to my interests exposing me to different aspects of French culture.
Civil servant in London, England
The lessons have completely changed how I can experience life in France. I can much more easily find my way through daily life in France. Julie has been a skilful, encouraging and cheerful guide.
Happily retired in Eygalières, South of France
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