General French lessons

One-to-one General French Lessons are the best way to improve your French in a very short time. You will get all the teacher’s attention and benefit from a bespoke programme tailored for your needs.

Our method

Our General French lessons follow a didactic program based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We favour a communicative approach, which focuses on interactions. Even if you are a complete beginner, you are definitely going to speak some French during the first lesson! We work on the four skills of language learning – reading, listening, writing and speaking – which allow an individual to understand and produce spoken language for an effective communication. However, keep in mind that we always tailor lessons for our students based on their profile and objective. Every student has a different learning style and goal. Our teachers will shape your course according to your expectations and needs.

Learn about French culture

All our teachers are native French speakers and therefore offer students a real insight into the French and Francophone cultures! Our lessons  take into consideration the cultural aspects of living in a French-speaking country so you’ll learn about lifestyle, food, cinema, literature and politics.

You can read here some students’ testimonials:

Shanci Z: “I had weekly 2hr personal lessons with Julie for 2.5 years. The lessons were always well adapted to my progress and weaknesses. Julie also made sure to focus the discussions/homework around subjects which interested me to keep me motivated. She also has a lovely personality which made the 1-1 lessons very pleasant. I cannot recommend her more. I am now able to read and write at an intermediate level, and am comfortable conversing in French in a social context.”

Jacqueline T:I have had weekly French language tuition with Julie over a long period. This has covered discussion, reading, grammar revision and writing skills. Julie is an excellent teacher, she goes to great lengths to understand the reasons for you wanting to study, your desired outcomes and particular interests, in order that she can tailor the lessons to provide maximum benefit. She is always punctual and has an excellent manner. I would not hesitate to recommend her at the highest level.


Conversational lessons

Maybe you’ve studied french at school many years ago and feel a bit rusty at speaking the language. Or you’re learning in a group and don’t have much opportunity to speak during the session. Our conversational lessons allow the student to develop their speaking and listening skills at their own pace. Depending your level, we use a document to start the session (or not if the conversation comes naturally) such as an article, a picture, a radio programme and organise communicative activities about the topic. You will speak, communicate with your teacher on the topic but if you digress… that’s perfect! We help you with vocabulary and grammar explanations if needed. If you like to talk about the news in French, check out our blog to have an idea of the topics you could be talking about.

Note that conversational lessons are only available from the level intermediate.

Alison C:

Julie is an excellent tutor. I had French conversation lessons with her for over two years. Each week we discussed different topics, covering a wide variety of subject areas, from literature to politics. This was brilliant for improving my vocabulary. She was always very well-prepared and we used a range of interesting articles, radio programs and news reports to stimulate discussion. She is extremely supportive, friendly, reliable and enthusiastic. My french has improved hugely as a result of my lessons with her.”

If you’re interested by group conversation classes, check out my Meetup event: French conversation – SouthbankLondon.

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