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My lessons follow a didactic program based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. I favour a communicative approach, which focuses on interactions. Even if you are a complete beginner, you are definitely going to speak some French during the first lesson!

However, keep in mind that I always tailor lessons for my students based on their profile and objective. Every student has a different learning style and goal. Whether you are planning to move to France, need to communicate in a work context or wish to perfect your writing for an exam, your online French lessons will be adapted to this target. 


Salut ! I’m Julie, the founder of “On s’appelle !”.

Where am I from ?

I was born and raised in a small village in the middle of France, near Limoges. My region is a rural area, known for its porcelain and cows! As I was on the move, I left the region in 2007 and lived in various cities in the South of France : Toulouse, Bastia in Corsica, Montpellier, Bayonne and Biarritz before moving abroad in 2013.

What did I study ?

I initially got a Bachelor in History before studying Public Law in Toulouse, “la ville rose”. I was then trained in Corsica, a lovely island in the Mediterranean sea, to be a civil servant and … enjoy the beach from 4 pm! In love with the Southern vibe, I chose to work in Montpellier in the French administration. I enjoyed very much the atmosphere of this amazing city but needed a new adventure. That’s why I decided to train as a French as a second language teacher, left to Mexico to work as an intern and absolutely loved it.

In 2012, I obtained my Masters’ degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language and since then, I have been teaching my language with dedication and enthusiasm!

Where did I work ?

In 2011, I worked in Sonora, Mexico, in an association and a technical university to train students in tourism.

I came back to France in 2012 and work in Biarritz, on the Atlantic Coast, in a private school, teaching French to teenagers and adults and prepared them to the certifications of DELF and DALF.

In 2013, I moved to London, hoping to learn English and be able to travel the world teaching French. I found out the whole world was there waiting for me! I became a freelance teacher and stayed in the British capital for almost 7 years. I worked for schools, companies and individuals, teaching General, Business French and prepared students to exams such as GCSE, A-level and DELF/DALF qualifications. There, I specialised in teaching adults.

As I started to learn languages online myself, I also became an online French teacher in 2016 and created I am currently living between Barcelona and London. Both cities have this international vibe that feels like home.

What’s my teaching style ?

I always tailor the lessons to your needs and interests. During the assessment/first lesson, I’ll ask you what your target and learning style are. You might have no idea! That’s fine, I’m here to help. My lessons are engaging and communicative. Oral communication is an important part of my lessons so be prepared to talk!

If you have an intermediate or advanced level in French, you should know that I enjoy using authentic French documents such as the newspapers, videos, films and series as a teaching material. Take a look to our blog to have an idea of what you could be talking about.

I’m a very relaxed person who enjoy working in a fun way. To know a bit more about me as a French teacher, please read our testimonials.

Which languages do I speak ?

I speak English and Spanish and am learning Italian and Catalan. 

Is that important? Not really as I could be teaching you only in French! However, I admit and understand beginners are reassured when they are explained grammar and other tricky concepts in their mother tongue. And of course, being a learner helps me understand my students’ needs and challenges.


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