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On s’appelle provides online French lessons all over the world via Skype, WhatsApp and Google Hangout. You can learn French from anywhere!

Online language lessons are an effective method because your lessons will focus on the core skills of listening and speaking which are at the heart of learning any language.

Many students are normally not really keen on online lessons. They think they will miss the face-to-face contact, misunderstand the instructions or just have no idea how this works!

Well, I get it but I can assure you there is no need to be an engineer to be able to attend online lessons. 

What do do you need?

  1. A good WiFi connection. Have a try by booking a free assessment with me today :
  2. A computer. Of course, a tablet can do the job or in worse case scenario, you can use your phone, but we will actually have a proper lesson, which means we will both take notes and do some activities. And it is definitely easier to type with a computer. Yes, online French lessons are not only conversational classes 😉
  3. An email address. The teacher sends teaching material before the lesson. Therefore, in a simple click, you will have access to a full range of documents: texts, audios, videos, websites, films, podcasts… You could also buy a textbook if you feel more comfortable to do so. We will provide recommendations of course, depending on your level and learning style.  
  4. A Skype / WhatsApp / FaceTime account. These tools allow the student and the teacher to connect by video call. Skype is the most common software for video calls but we can use whichever you prefer or the one that offers the best connection.
  5. A Google doc. We recommend to use this tool as it is the easiest way to take notes with your teacher at the same time. You will keep it safe on your computer so you can retrieve your notes anytime and revise what you studied.  


If you are not convinced, here are some other advantages of online French lessons: 

  • Flexibility with time: every week you can choose a slot that suits your schedule wherever you are. 
  • No time wasted in the transport: learn in the comfort of your home or your office. 
  • All the teaching material is sent to you by email/on Skype: you will keep it safe on your computer. No lost paper and you save the planet! 


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